Saturday, August 28, 2004

The Garden in August

As I stated I have a keen interest in horticulture and a large garden. I spend many hours a year in the garden planting, weeding and deadheading. I also have a vegetable garden, an on site climber nursery, huge compost heaps and a field of barley. The view from my garden is spectacular as I can see Slemish and the Antrim Hills from it. Early on Sunday mornings I can see the Michelin factory spew huge clouds of toxic smoke into the atmosphere. In the sky we have swallows, buzzards, army copters and jet planes. The dogs hate things in the sky and bark ferociously at them especially copters & planes as these give satisfaction by running away. At this time of the year there are many things to be getting on with in the garden and a keen gardener could spend many fruitful hours tending their plot (if they could be bothered) so I will prioritise.
1. Remove huge overgrown clumps of grass from herbaceous borders.
2. Collect ripe seed, label and store carefully. Then lose, to be found in 2008 when moving house.
3. Gather up ripped Tesco paddling pool, lying since 12th of July and hootching with slugs. Put in bin. Squeal when slug falls on bare skin.
4. Cull vegetable plot big enough to feed family of 10 plus neighbours and only two of us. But they looked so pretty especially wigwam of runner beans.

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