Thursday, September 23, 2004

Thursday Afternoon

I really like this picture of Hannah. Zoe took it about 8 years ago. The reflection in the glasses is what makes the picture. That is Zoe with short hair and using some kind of pressing device to operate the camera which is on a tripod.

Now to move on with present day activities. While the very hardworking Tricia continued painting the maternal kitchen a fetching shade of pistachio, Nelly and Mom went to visit Dad. As we entered the home one of the carers told us he was in bed and herself went into a mild panic. It turned out that he was having his circulation checked and a sore area on his right foot examined pending being swabbed and dressed. He was snoozing when we entered but I felt justified in waking him up as I had a tub of Maud’s choccy bear ice cream with me. He knocked it into him then scolded me because I wasn’t letting mother near the bed. I left them to be smoochy and went off for an in depth chat with Prekshela one of the loveliest nurses in the world. She gave me a full explanation of what was going on with Dad and said there was nothing to worry about.

The sun is shining this afternoon and it’s about time. I know I lecture other people about the futility of complaining about the weather but the way it’s been recently would give you the jandies*

Ulster-Scots, possibly Belfast, derived from “jaundice” meaning to sicken or “scunder.”

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