Saturday, November 13, 2004

Happy Birthday Mr H Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Thank-you kindly Mrs B. or M or N, the second person to bid me greetings today after daughter one who then promptly fell asleep, lol. Where did you get the mug shot? was in hogmaney 2003 by any chance? I think I remember it, but wish I could forget most of what happened after

Nelly said...

Yes - it was Hogmanay 2003. You can tell by Pearlie's vile curtains. Whatever it was that you think you done or said that night you should forget it because everyone else was so drunk they haven't a clue and that includes me. So you got away with it, whatever it was. Have a good birthday evening.

Anonymous said...

thank goodness for that! Well the package arrived safely!. The bird is in the nest! and Dave is now once again added to the CIA database. Gratefully received thanks M.
Z & I had a fantastic b;day weekend I'm sure she will fill in the details. Looking forward to watching BOB deal with the loss of his friend!