Thursday, March 17, 2005

Bonnie & Spide

Q. What the hell am I doing up at 2am?
A. I'm ready to repel all boarders.
Q. Who needs repelled?
A. Bonnie & Spide are on the loose, lurking outside. There is no way they're getting in here to trash the place like they did last weekend.


mwk said...

I say we let loose the hippies on them.

Anonymous said...

Plan of action:

1. buy shotgun
2. load (1) with rock salt
3. point (1) at bonnie & spide
4. make off the cuff cutting remark
5. pull trigger

Everyone's a winner.


Nelly said...

Well Ed it's actually the rock salt I'd have to buy as we already have the shotgun. Hippies rock(salt!)

Anonymous said...

aaaah the hippies Vs the spides. it makes me feel all nostalgic. Do spides know they're called spides yet?

Nelly said...

Some of them do. I asked one once and she said "It's what hippies call people like us who follow fashion."