Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Great Leaderene

I was up at the site this morning – Bernie and Bianca were trotting along behind the Great Leaderene. She was sporting a stocking tied round her neck at a jaunty angle. It was one of those stockings favoured by older girls, i.e. about 50 denier and a sort of brown-grey colour. I enquired of the Great Leaderene –

“Why are you wearing a stocking around your neck?”
She answered –
“I’ve got a sore throat.”

I did not enquire further as the explanation would either have been extremely long-winded or a short and bad-tempered “Humph!” She is not to be trifled with these days as she recently pulverised a crow with her bare hands. I’m wondering if the stocking might be some sort of folk remedy that only she and her kin are privy to.

I realise that many who chance upon this blog may find the above slightly baffling. Those of you who do know about the Great Leaderene will not be the least surprised to hear what she’s been up to. I have consulted with Bert and he has given me his permission to mention her occasionally. We both think that a person so gloriously eccentric ought to be shared.

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