Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hobo Chic

I noticed recently that a previous post Boho Chic has been occurring very frequently in my stats. I have since found that if you search for 'boho chic' in Google Images you'll not get Sienna Millar or Jade Jagger but Bert's ma and his Aunt Lizzie. They are only third but quite a lot of people have been calling the image up to take a better look at Cullybackey's take on the boho look - Hobo Chic.


Anonymous said...

That is brilliant - Pearlie and Lizzie could be the new London fashion icons. How great would that be.

Nelly said...

Yes, they're very up to the minute. Pearlie told me yesterday that Big Brother was the filthiest programme she'd ever seen but she 'couldn't be bothered with it' although Lizzie watches it faithfully.