Monday, July 25, 2005


Here's a puzzle I pondered on whilst out walking.

Why are so many empty Red Bull cans and Lucozade Sport cartons flung from cars on to the roadside? Are these not energy drinks? Can the drivers therefore not summon enough energy to properly dispose of their empties in a bin?


Stray Toaster said...

My main concern when I were a nipper was the amount of pr0n people threw into the ditches betwixt Carniny and Galgorm, between Gracehill and Cullybackey. I always reckoned the culchies ditched it when they picked up some sturdy Ballymena lass and were trying to find some lane to park in, as you know, the Cullybacket Road layby is *so* 1988.

Nelly said...

Only the other day Bert found some extreme examples of that sort of thing right at the bottom of his ma's lane. Naturally he had to remove it in case she saw it and died on the spot of a heart attack. He said it was much more explicit than the sort of stuff he used to find on the walk home from school.

Zoe's got a good story about that but I hope she has the decency to keep it to herself.

By the way did you hate the pr0n or were you intrigued?

Stray Toaster said...

Nah, it was mostly soft trash. Nothing worth taking at all.

I dunno, people round me when I were a lad had suck a *lack* of imagination...

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