Sunday, August 21, 2005

Everyone's A Critic

No Leitrim today. Matty was poorly this morning although she's OK now. Disappointment all round. We'll go again.

Matty's poorliness involved a visit to the doctor. He prescribed something from the chemist (Senokot) and something from the greengrocer (Cabbage).

So it's been rather a miserable day. Although Zoe was a star which cheered me a lot. She's a much better daughter to me than I am to Matty.

Bert and I have just returned from a hike around Portglenone Forest and that has cheered me up some more. I especially liked him getting tired before I did.

On the way back I played him the Pixies. This is what he said about 'Caribou'

"You'd think if he was going to write a song about reindeers he'd have wrote a nicer one. That's a shouting match."

To sum up his feelings on 'Caribou' -

Subject matter: Delightful
Delivery: Damnable
Final opinion: Diabolical

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