Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bare Torsoes and Toes

Three months ago I mentioned that Diana's (Mrs The Wee Manny) toe was in a jar in the fridge after her daughter's mare stood on her foot. And not one comment was received sympathising with Diana on the sad and painful loss of half a toe. Not one. I hope that when you see the pictures you'll have a bit of retrospective compassion for her. Mind you she doesn't really need it for she's quite the Stoic. She'd want to be after two decades with The Wee.

Horse stood on my toe? Oh what a bore. I suppose I'll have to go to A&E now. Is it sore you say? Oh hardly at all. Just when it catches on things.

Although I didn't know it at the time it seems that Bert, Hannah and I were engaged in a drinking competition with the Wee Mannys on Saturday night. Bert informed me that they won by an easy bottle even though their team was a man short. I downloaded the photos today and I couldn't even remember taking the ones of the Wee with his shirt off. But then he's always doing that. After The Toe Pictures I must be mindful of my more delicate reader's sensibilities. But if I ever do put the Wee 'shirt off' pictures on Flickr I shall have to tag them 'notgay' or, quoting the Toaster, I could tag them 'ohnomyclothesfelloff!' But that's enough of that. I must remember that children may be reading this and that some of those children may be mine.

Diana, Mrs The Wee Manny gave me her permission to publish The Toe Pictures. She is very pleased with the progress she has made and has nothing but praise for her surgeon. This despite the fact that he did nothing except decide not to amputate and advise her to eat lots of fruit especially pineapples. So I asked her,

"Did you eat lots of fruit like the doctor said?"

"Oh yes. I drank lots of pressed grape juice in the form of white wine."

Little wonder they won that drinking competition.


Anonymous said...

ah you kept your word nelly, and i just about managed to keep my supper. however, the less said about the wee manny topless the better-I'm still trying to heal those mental scars...i shudder...

Nelly said...

It's time I was at home posting some healing pictures of flowers and kittens to my Flickr sidebar.

Claire said...

Why oh why did I have to look at those pictures. I just couldn't help myself and now I'll be scarred for days. Gah!

Nelly said...

"I am going to warn youse in advance that I have obtained some graphic, nay, gross photographs of her toe/toelessness"

But I warned ye they were rough. When I get away from the coalface I'll be posting fluffy kitten pictures to soothe ye all.

Anyways pleased to have discovered another Irish blogger in Claire.

Anonymous said...
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