Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Kitchen Goddess

What’s that you say? The Domestic Goddess thing? Did I keep it up?

Well – last week Zoë took me to Captain Cook’s (all things cooky and kitcheny) and I bought an array of excellent cake, bun and pie tins.

Then last night I had another go at the pineapple and coconut scones. But I have not yet got to grips with my new oven. And so I grilled them instead of baking them. They turned out a bit flat but were fallen on with gusto and glee despite their pancakish appearance.

Tonight I have baked an apple tart and while I had the surfaces all messed up I thought I’d make another batch of scones. Hannah showed me how to work the oven and they have turned out well appearance wise.

Mind you I did get a bit involved in blogging and nearly burnt them.

It’s Thursday night (music night) and apart from Bert, Hannah and myself we also have Jamie & Glen & Johnny & Billy. I’ll have to see if I can unload some of my goodies on to them.

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