Thursday, November 10, 2005

More Neatette

I was meaning to look for Neatette information on Google and now Mikeyboy’s recent question in comments has spurred me to do so. Of course the first two hits were for my own blog but then to my delight I discovered this article from the Guardian.

The Fowler family home is an inward-looking affair of ageing artefacts and shabby furniture. The kitchen is a mishmash of scuffed 1970s units and a 1980s fridge that would probably chug audibly in the background if it were ever switched on. There are encrusted spice jars of celery salt and time-bleached rosemary and a back door that's seen more action than Janine Butcher. Faded postcards, pinned on the mantelpiece, date back to 1983, when the series began. The crockery cupboard (brand name Neatette, a product of the 1940s, like Pauline Fowler herself) stands in the corner, stacked with the sort of blue and white china that is the staple of the pound store.

I’ll be watching Eastenders at my next opportunity to see if our Neatette is nicer than Pauline’s.

Then I found this:

Hello, Does anyone know of an auctioneer/auction house that specialises in the sale of CC41 furniture. I have been instructed to sell a 'Neatette' kitchen cabinet/dresser, which is in fantastic condition, and really need some professional advice. Hope someone out there can help, if so contact me via email. Thanks, Sylvia.

Found here at a site which celebrates the 1930s and 40s lifestyle.

I just knew Neatettes were special.


rachel said...

Hello Nelly,
I've been looking up Neatette on the web because yesterday I put my Neatette all-in-one kitchen unit into my shed. It's been in the small kitchen of my 1889 terrace for 10 yrs and I bought it for £30 at a local furniture dealers ( who did plenty of house clearances). I just love that you put "I just knew Neatettes were special". Its being replaced tomorrow with a Sheesham (Indian rosewood) dresser which cost a lot more than £30!! Here's hoping and praying I'll love it as much as my old pal!

Nelly said...

Thanks for your comment Sandra. My partner uses the Neatete (terrible waste) to store his bits and pieces in. He always leaves the doors hanging open. Pauline Fowler wouldn't put up with that. It's amazing how much affection there is for those old 30s and 40s pieces. I saw a pair of old pink curtains with plant pots on go for £77 on Ebay recently.

I'm sure you'll enjoy your rosewood dresser just as much.

Anonymous said...

I have an Oak Neatette that I purchased in the USA a number of years ago. It has an ironing board, bread box, shoe shine kit, wire racks for dishes and hooks for cups. I am wondering about its age and value. It is in excellen condition and has the original glass doors, too.
Thanks, Sue

Nelly said...

Sue - yours sounds like a great piece of kit. They just don't make furniture like that any more. `Or, if they do, not at prices ordinary mortals can afford.

Sue said...

I've had my Neatette kitchen cabinet for about 20 years now. This is the first time I've Googled it. Glad to see it pop up but disappointed not to see any photos so far. It's not in tip top shape but it's got the original opague glass in the upper doors with a suspiciously '30s looking design. I'll keep searching for more info.