Thursday, December 01, 2005

Love Token Number Nine

There are manythings that a man may be expected to propose at quarter past eleven of an evening. Maybe a cup of tea, or some cocoa, perhaps some stashed away chocolate, maybe some other activity but this?

D'ye want a boiled beetroot? They're still warm.

Wise up! At this time of the night!

I bet Pearlie would like one.

I shouldn't be surprised.

The next day I remark.

I was over in Pearlie's just now.

Oh? Did she mention the boiled beetroot?

She just couldn't stop talking about it she was that made-up. She thinks you're a helluva son. Says she can't wait to go to her club on Tuesday to tell everyone about you boiling her beetroot.

I'm sure.


El Capitan said...

Boiled beetroot? That's a new one. Are we talking about the red bulbous vegetable here? Gads, I can't stomach those in any form, much less boiled.

Nelly said...

It's a bit of a delicacy here but mainly among rural folk. Often served with buttermilk (sour curdled milk)

You wouldn't believe some of the things that Norn Iron folk eat, or used to eat.

Mind you I've had your grits and I wasn't impressed.

El Capitan said...

Heh heh, this is Texas! We have lots and lots of cows, so there's no need to explain buttermilk!

As for the grits, they work best as a casserole ingredient, added to either cheese or shrimp or both. Plain ol' grits just aren't that good, even after adding butter & sugar.

Nelly said...

Our version of grits (semolina?) is made as a milk pudding and served with jam. Mind you kids wouldn't eat it now. It might do them some good.

What about biscuit then? I liked that. We call them scones and often bake them with sweet ingredients like sugar, raisin and cherries etc. But I liked the plainer version with gravy. But oh! the size of the helpings in the States. Too, too much.