Friday, January 13, 2006

George And His Chums: Part Four

Well it seems as if George's constituents are going to have to manage without him for at least another four days. Meanwhile the nation has been disturbed and traumatised to see the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow acting out his pussy fantasies with the actress Miss Rula Lenska.

Meanwhile Chantelle has shown herself to be a skilful negotiator between warring factions during the Quorn Wars and Pete has joined the George fan club. Jodie was given a merciful release and in the Times Barrymore was described as "the old man who weeps in the shed."

Faria is still going on about Sven (her only claim to fame) and Maggot has yet to come out of his shell or metamorphise into a bluebottle. That is what maggots do, isn't it?


Beowulf said...

I think Barrymore is a dangerously unstable man, that rant at Jodi was something else.

Galloway still can't believe that people don't want to ask him questions about the war and political life, he is utterly and hopelessly deluded.

I liked Faria much better before she opened her mouth, now all she needs is to dye her hair blonde and the image is complete.

Nelly said...

Quite agree with you about the old man who weeps etc. Kindest thing those who vote as well as watch is get him out of there. He told JM to 'leave the country' doublespeak for 'suffer as I have suffered.'