Saturday, January 07, 2006

George And His Chums: Part One

Befitting his importance George was the last to enter the Big Brother House. He wasted no time in organising the others into introducing themselves. He started off the introductions thus, "I'm George Galloway and I'm an MP." Everyone was dead impressed that such an important person had chosen to join the fun in the Big Brother House except the Americans who didn't know what an MP was. Some of the younger members of the household were to be found later in the Diary Room trying to find out who, exactly, the MP guy was. It was obvious they'd never heard of him before. George's decision to enter the Big Brother House has not been before time.

George has brought a pet/parasite in with him. It is a little furry caterpillar that he keeps on his top lip. Maybe it is a parasite as I have not seen him petting it yet. In fact he was trying to smoke it off with a big stinking cigar (a gift from Saddam) but the wee brute wouldn't budge.


ed said...

I think you'll find that George is the parasite, and the caterpillar is the brains of the operation.

Nelly said...

Aren't you glad I'm watching this so that you don't have to?