Thursday, January 19, 2006

George And His Chums: Part Seven

I thought George would be gone by now. But he isn't.

He was doing well for a while but his fellow contestants are starting to get the measure of him. And it seems that he's finding it harder to best Big Brother than the US Senate.

That was a stroke of evil genius getting him to nominate three others whilst the rest of the house watched. His face when he realised what BB had done to him was priceless. He didn't handle the aftermath very well either.

And what was that about championing the underdog George. You just sat there in silence (plotting your next move?) while the vile Pete Burns tore into Traci.

Speaking of Pete Burns - I have no problem with men expressing themselves through costume. Why not? Why shouldn't males wear make up and dresses? But show a little decorum Pete. Put your saggy bum cheeks away. Nobody wants to see them.

And the ageism. You'd think Mister Burns was a youngster himself. Called the 50 something actress a 'dried-up husk, ' when the only thing that's keeping him from dessicating is botox and collagen.

I'm sure it's bad for my soul watching this stuff.


Mr Bolan said...

Nowt wrong with makeup and dresses, I say. Well, I would say, if I said any more. I won't. Not now.

Nelly said...

'Why shouldn't males wear make up and dresses?'

Do you know when I wrote that I was thinking of you?

Beowulf said...

People like Burns, who just pick on the weak for laughs, are exactly the sort of people who make me want to become the Hulk and do some smashing.

And people who sit by and watch while smoking a cigar... HULK SMASH!

Nelly said...

Like yourself I'm no fan of unnecessary violence but... I so wished that Big Dennis would take George and the Pete out into the garden and WHUP their yellow, withered, arses. Politically George is dead. And forgive me for being wicked but I enjoy watching Burns try to navigate cigarettes and food through his big numb lips.