Monday, February 13, 2006

Biscuit Or Cake

I'm told that this meme originated from here.

  • Place of Birth? Tesco’s Superstore, Antrim.
  • Qualifications? 2:2 Social Admin & Policy, ECDL, First Aid, Driving Licence, handful of Os & As, 11+
  • Without using the words boring or hate describe your role at ‘The Work’? I’m a support worker on paper, a dogsbody and bouncer in reality.
  • Passion or strength within web development? A supportive role only.
  • What do enjoy most about your job? Rarely boring.
  • Non-relevant qualifications? All my qualifications are relevant to me
  • Other interests? Blogging, walking, dogging (sorry I mean dogs) and eating.
  • Your best selling point? Experience
  • Famous person you admire and respect? The Queen for queenliness
  • If you had one wish granted what would it be? As someone else has probably bagged world peace I’d quite like to be taller please. Maybe 5’6”?
  • Favourite colour? Rainbow.
  • Most embarrassing moment? Getting in a physical fight with another woman
  • Jaffa Cake, biscuit or cake? Biscuit

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