Monday, February 06, 2006

I Am The Eggman

Clint reviews 'Lost' and other grievances

"That's a load of oul crap! And Terry Wogan thinks it's crap too."

Clint's a close neighbour now, seeing as he's living (squatting) in our old house, so we see a lot more of him.

Tonight finds him in middling form. He's happy and he's sad. He's also a little bit mad.

He's happy that he's been offered a squillion quid for his house. Bring it on Clint baby. I want my house finished and a new computer.

He's very sad about the interest he's having to pay on the big loan he needed for us to pay off the builder.

He's mad at his occasional employer Ballybuggery Eggs.

"One cracked egg and it was a whole moaning session. Thon other boy was carrying buckets of smashed eggs off his lorry and not a word said to him! I mine when I was drivin' for the milk boys and I jacked and had gallons, rivers of full cream milk flowing down the Newtownards Road way boys skiddin' through it and the polis wadin' through it and there wasn't a quarter the fuss made back at the plant!"

Who'd be an eggman?

He can't wait until it's all done and dusted and he has his beehives, his chickens and his nine bean rows.

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