Thursday, February 02, 2006

Ten Views

Unlike Mr Bolan and Ed I thought I’d play this one straight.

Ten views I hold without evidence

  • Christmas is a global disgrace and ought to be abolished.
  • People who eat dogs are uncivilised.
  • Certain kinds of ‘music’ are vile and the people who listen to said ‘music’ have a serious want in them.
  • Most politicians are self-serving bastards. It’s why they become politicians. Despite this having elected representatives is a Good Thing.
  • The bible is not the word of God. It is a man-made construct. Ditto all the other holy books.
  • The cult of celebrity is not new. It exists to distract us from the important stuff. Other than that it is harmless as long as we keep a weather eye on the important stuff.
  • People are getting stupider.
  • Men and women have more in common than not.
  • Segregated education is wrong and has exacerbated the divisions in Northern Ireland society. The Catholic church has perpetrated this wrong for decades.
  • Prayer helps.


ed said...

So, what kind of music falls under the third point, then?

Nelly said...

Probably the kind you like...and Daniel O'Donnell.

Mr Bolan said...

There are two kinds of music. Good (the stuff I like) and everything else.

As you *know* I drive a Rolls Royce, 'cause its good for my voice.

Nelly said...

Why are some people music snobs? And why do the rest of the people listen to dross?