Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Very Sad Story

I was telling Hannah and Bert about this very sad story I'd read in The Sun.

Nelly: This couple they got married the other Saturday. They were both really fat. She was about a size 22 but he must have been about 30 stone but they had their wedding and they were both so happy and you could tell they were both so attractive even though they were really fat - they looked so nice, they were really happy. Been together for seven years. They were soul mates. They went to bed at about 3am. He told her he loved her. She told him she loved him. They went to sleep. She woke up at around 10am and turned to him and he was dead! They hadn't even been married for 24 hours!

Hannah: Awww! That is so sad. It must have been all the excitement.

Bert: It just goes to show....

Nelly: Just goes to show what? That you shouldn't get so fat?

Bert: Just goes to show you shouldn't get married.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hands up!! i laughed out loud!! though i would've laughed even if they weren't fat... wise words from bert though, man after my own heart.

mikey xx