Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Too Hot To Blog

Two shifts in Mingerton completed and I'm tired enough to die of tiredness. It's so hot I cannot even tolerate a lunchtime walk. I've no car to get away from the dirty hole that is Tinkerton/Mingerton and anyway my feet stick to the asphalt. It's too hot to work, to blog and to cook.

This morning I was wakened at quarter to six by the roar of silage cutters. It is all lies about the countryside being quiet. It is loud, it is lethally dangerous* and it is smelly. Cattle reek in hot weather, sheep are rank and the pungent stench of last season's silage would knock you on your back.

Taking washing to the line this morning I met Harry de Cat hurrying towards the house with a freshly killed rabbit in his jaws. On my return from work I found the half devoured and disembowelled corpse resting beside my verbenas. So Nellybert decided to have a barbecue.

Harry de Cat with his bellyful of rabbit

Harry's leftovers

Swear to God we had sausages and chicken and a delicious green salad washed down with some cheap cider. Eat Harry's leftovers? I should think not. Maybe next month when I'm not spending any money we'll be sharing Harry's kills and eating Mag Pie.

*Consider Bert and his .22 missing the magpies and hitting God know's what.


EveMaryBD said...

Dan (hubbie's dad) was standing in his front yard yesterday surveying all he owns, when a bullet whizzed past - seriously! I thought of your bloke when Damian was relaying the story - but Berts off the hook. It was Damian's "mad" friend Jock at it again this time it was rabbits and not the neighbours dog annoying him.

Dan, not so politely, informed him that perhaps he should point the gun downwards the next time he wanted to take a pot shot at a bunny as the local rabbit population are not airborne.

Do you think its the sun that brings this need for killing out in men??

Tell Harry de Cat (or Bert for that matter) to take "a dander" up this way if its rabbits the're after...

Nelly said...

I commented earlier but I musta screwed it up. Only to say that your neighbour sounds like a nutjob and it's just as well Dan gave him a piece of his mind. As for Bert - it's too hot to kill.