Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Who'd A Thought It?

I posted a true story the other day about Chep pallets. It amused me because Chep phone-torture us almost daily about the amount of pallets we have (about six) and to arrange their (hardly ever) collection. You’d think we were Mr Sainsbury or Mr Tesco, with millions of the bloody things, to hear them go on. Then you see them stacked in their thousands on eleventh night bonfires just waiting to go up in smoke at about a cost of £7 a unit to the likes of Bert, Mr Sainsbury, Mr B&Q and the rest. You get your £7+ back when the pallets are returned but what if they’re not returned due to being used as kindling to burn the toxic tyres which culminate in the burning of the tricolour, Pope Benedict, Gerry Adams, Monica Digney effigy or whatever demon of the day is currently in vogue… lots of 7 quids up in smoke.

These bonfires are an expensive business for all of us and not just the users of the blue pallet handling service. And that was my well-disguised point.

But despite my beautiful photographs none of you regular readers commented so I thought the whole thing had fallen flat - until today when my hits spiked. Someone from this site had posted a link to Nelly’s Garden on the forum. Who’d have thought there would be a site dedicated to people working in the pallet industry? But then again, knowing the Internet, it would have been far odder if there weren’t one.


Anonymous said...

When I found your post on blogger, I just had to post a link to www.palletboard.com


Nelly said...

I appreciated the hits. Who knows? I might get a new reader out of it. Thanks.

Bliss said...

Hey, better a pallet forum than some weird sex forum, right? :)

Nelly said...

Too right Bliss. If I ever get a link to a wierd sex forum I'll be totally ignoring it.

Although I have noticed that a Google search for tattooed Grannies can sometimes lead to Nelly's Garden. And there's me with not a grandchild nor a tattoo to my name.

Sherm said...

I'm sure they make a lovely bonfire.

I'm a regular over at the Pallet Board. Thanks for the grins

Nelly said...


Obviously I don't approve. But see the blue ones? They're Chep.