Wednesday, July 12, 2006

William, Mary & Ollie

William, Mary & Ollie
Originally uploaded by NellyMoser.
I thought it might be seasonal to give this picture another airing.

Might I offer a suggestion too to help the Orangies spend their government moolah - even more fancy dress please. And better music.


Ronni said...

Those people do not look very thrilled to be walking in the parade. Was this taken after, when everyone was tired?

They should have me design the outfits--those are awful!

No offense intended.

Nelly said...

How I agree. Orange parades are famous for their humourlessness and lack of style. This country needs you Ronni. Apply for a grant. Can you claim any Ulster roots?

Dal said...

I don't see anything wrong with the outfits. They look fine. If you're a designer though, they might appreciate the help.

I've not known Orange parades to be humourless. Maybe you've been attending different ones than I have, like when it's a wet and miserable day.

As for style, I'd say the Orange parades are famous FOR their style, not LACK of style. Bowler hats, brollies, sashes. OK so it hasn't changed much in about 100 years, but they have started adding in more fancy dress.

Anyway, get yourself out and go to one where they laugh and smile and have some good oul' crack!

Nelly said...

Well I don't know where you go to watch the parades but I've only ever seen them in Ballymena and they are rather drear. Very little laughing or smiling takes place. In fact this past season I bumped into my local postie in full sash and regalia. I bade him a sunny hallo and he blanked me. He's usually really friendly but not with his sash on!