Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Laptop

I'm writing this post on my new laptop. Zoe's beloved has just spent the best part of two hours fixing it up for me. The time spent also included a bit of a tutorial.

D: And this is how you switch it on.

N: Oh yes.

D: And this is how you switch it off.

N: Riiight.

There was other really complicated stuff but I like to think I've grasped the basics.

The machine is an Acer 5102WLMi.

I'm on a steep learning curve here because I've started the course where I'm supposed to end up as an ICT tutor. Luckily I have the perfect guinea pig to practice on - Bert. He hasn't a notion about computers and I'm going to teach him. This time next year he'll have his own blog. Won't that be good?


EveMaryBD said...

Nelly's Blog v.s. Bert's Blog: which should prove there are two sides to every story!

Nelly said...

Bert's would probably be just be about the tin whistling and woodwork.

CyberScribe said...

Bert's Blog YIPPEE!!!! :-)

Nelly said...

Flip's sake Cyberscribe. You'll have to be patient. Or shall I ask him to guest blog on here?

Sandra said...

Good health to enjoy the new laptop.
And here's to Bert For Guest Blogger!

Manuel Estimulo said...

What is laptop? Do you not use pencil and paper like me?

Anonymous said...

eagerly awaiting bert's guest blog'll have him pc literate in no time, tell him it can cook

mikey x

CyberScribe said...

Maybe Nelly is confused and has drunk too much wine and the laptop she refers to is Bert.Two words that are very similar in the English/Irish/Cullybackey language are "laptop" and "lapdancer" and this may confuse her (Bless her :-) If Bert starts his blog I'm sure we'll find out how great a lapdancer he is.
I'm not sure if she's doing a course on how to teach lapdancing to men. Nelly if you are I need a refresher course on this to keep the Mrs fully satisfied.