Friday, November 24, 2006

I'm Feeling Cooler

Thank goodness for Wikipedia.

Sam Duckworth – important facts. He is 20. He favours Jack rather than Vera.

Richard Hawley – important facts. He comes from Sheffield. He knows Jarvis. Obviously.

Gerard Way – important facts. His first stage role was Peter in Peter Pan. He has mean looking eyes.

Eugene Hutz – Important facts – He fronts Gogol Bordello (of which I’ve heard, if not actually heard) and, according to TSL, is a crazy man. She claims that any child or children fathered by Mr Hutz would be mental. BTW SL, up here in the North we prefer not to use derogatory terms like ‘mental’ – instead we’d say, ‘has psychiatric issues’. SL I’m sure your heart is set on Eugene but if anyone else wants a mental baby I recommend the sperm of Mr Michael Stone (as featured in today’s news.)

I will now take a short break to view John’s youtube recommendations.


After my short break.

Wowzie zowzie! I’m feeling at least 10% cooler than I did yesterday. Now that I’ve heard both Richard Hawley and Gogol Bordello.


John said...


Scooterdeb said...

I'm all about the accordions in Gogol Bordello.

The Swearing Lady said...

Eugene rocks my Dr. Spocks. But he is mental.

Sandra said...

You're so cool, I'm getting frostbite just reading your blog!

Nelly said...

Och, not atall Sandra. Sure I spent all day baking apple tarts whilst listening to Radio 4!

Dave said...

Thanks for that pie, and I appreciate it being a little belated cause that means I get to enjoy my birthday twice ;)

It is