Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This Job I'm Doing

After seven years of working in homeless services I'm working in a day centre with learning disabled adults. That's the field where I began working, many years ago in Ballymoney, in my first job after leaving university. So I've completed the circle and am very happy to be back.

But... I need to brush up on the lingo. What is the correct term these days? Learning disabled? Mentally challenged? Not the full shilling? Ooops! Forget I said that last one.


CyberScribe said...

My Mrs was giving a few 'disability awareness'presentations a few years ago and I ended up messing about with the Powerpoint for them. I now know not to call people 'retards' even putting on an American accent and calling someone a 'retard' isn't acceptable.Even if the person is a...

I'm sure there are some brilliant characters in your work now and I look forward to hearing about them on here, if you're allowed to blog about them.

If you want a little bit of home work, regarding 'Disability Etiquette' you could visit

Nelly said...

Good site. Thanks.

Conversation that took place yesterday.

Jill: Now Joan, you remember Nelly don't you?

Joan: Aye. Nelly's a cunt!

Jill: Now Joan you know that's not a very nice thing to say. Now tell me, What's Santa bringing you?

Joan: A cock!

Jill: A clock? That's lovely.

Andy said...

Well a bloke I work with used to work in the CCEA and they had to offer their adverts in Irish and Ulster Scots aswell as English.
The job was for a teacher working with children with special needs. He swears that the translator could not come up with a suitable tranlation for children with learning disabilities in Ulster Scots. The advert went out with the tranlation as 'Wee Dafties'.

ed said...

That get's my vote for the best translation ever.

ganching said...

...not as good as "wean worrier" and I'll let you guess what that is a translation for.

Ronni said...

A few bricks shy of a load?
A few sandwiches short of a picnic?
Ain't real broke out in brains?
Dumb as a box of rocks?


Ronni said...

My best guess on "wean worrier" would be a pedophile.

nick said...

i searched the internet for the topic 'craig is a wanker'. this came up first. a good site then.

Nelly said...

Nick - Delighted you think so.