Thursday, December 28, 2006

Every Picture Tells A Story

Well I think our Christmas blogmeet went well. Zoe's got some pictures for anyone interested in that sort of thing. Although the Beach Octopus*, a lovely girl, seems to have cleverly avoided appearing in any of them.

We fought our way through thick fog and high mountains to get there, some of us travelled from the far Northern regions (of America, London and Manchesterland), some of us got up at 4am that morning and worked the Nixt! Sale and still managed to attend. Some of us even had to bate our way past worried priests and anxious Mammys to make it to Johnny Joe's on time.

To those of you who couldn't make it - of course we talked about you. But it was all good.

*You really had to be there. Unless Katkins is reading?


Mr Bolan said...

Roll call then? As if one avoided the camera, no doubt others did.

And *what* did youse say about Mr Wulf, eh?

Nelly said...

In no particular order

Beach Octopus
Vancouver Bro

We said the Wulf was handsome to die for (except Ed)

There was also some chat about a bald fellow who consequently grew hair and lots of it

Mr Bolan said...

No Cybez? Ah well, I can wonder about him more then.

And Mr Wulf certainly *is* a fine looking fellow.

It is a well-known fact bald blokes can't grow hair, unless they have the sheer force of will to make things happen. And I wouldn't believe a word that was said.

The one pic I noted was Sandra hanging on Ed's every word. Did she manage to steal some of his DNA then?

ed said...

Nelly: what's this 'on time' lark? Me and poor Mark were in fear for our lives for a while there, and no backup was to be seen for literally minutes past the allotted meet time.

And, of course, the local folk were the last to turn up. Typical.

But, to be sure, 'twas a good excursion.

Nelly said...

It was foggy and it's a well-known fact that Cully & Cushendall are in different time zones.

And maybe I should have said 'apparently bald' or 'fraudulently bald'

As far as I know Sandra's research does not involve DNA but I'm sure she could clone herself an Ed (or a Wulf) if she put her mind to it.

Mr Bolan said...

fraudulently? I hope whomever you are referring has thick skin, skin as thick as a moles, and doesn't get offended easily. Though those sorts generally don't. Better to be talked about than not, I guess old Osc would say. So what was said about me then?

I now have the image of a perfectly replicated Ed in plastic, crafted in deep Mountieland and let loose upon an unsuspecting world, ending up in a fist fight with RedKen and GorgeousGeorge to save the soul of the planet.

Good to see young Mr. 'arrigan, too. I wonder what he is up to these days?

ed said...

Marc, you're scaring me. And if even I'm scared at the prospect of a clone army of me, then the rest of the world should be terrified.

Nelly said...

What is Mark up to? Bert asked about this on the journey home. Hannah said, "You know computers & electricity and everything that makes the world work - well, Mark is in charge of all that. And he holds it together with sticky tape and elastic bands."

Little wonder then he never gets time to update his blog.

ed said...

He's sys-admining in Manchestershire, IIRC. Poor bugger.

(Oh, and on the cloning front, I'm now even more worried)

Nelly said...

So Ed clones are a safe & tasty food source? I think that can only be a good thing.

And surely we could spare one clone to send to Maynooth. Or Rome.

ed said...

Gah. What is it with the wimmen of this world and wanting me to be a priest? Anyone would think youse all wanted me out of the gene pool or something...

Nelly said...

Not at all. If we wanted you out of the gene pool we'd shoot you. No - we want to clone you so everyone can have their own personal Ed.

Sandra said...

Alas, I did not steal any of Ed's DNA, but seeing as there's such a demand, I'll go round his house when he's away and steal a toenail clipping. Now taking orders for next Christmas! Get your own personal Handsome Ed here!
Oh, the blogmeet was jolly good, by the way.