Monday, December 18, 2006


Bert has taken Holly de Cat to the vet after I secured an emergency appointment. We think one of the dogs has hurt her. There is nothing obvious on the outside but she vomited blood.

Update: The vet's opinion is that Holly has not been hurt. She thinks she has a stomach infection. She has received an injection, has been given medication and is to be kept hydrated. If she does not improve in the next 24 hours we are to bring her back.


Tom said...

I wish Holly de Cat a speedy recovery and may she enjoy all the festivities in your home this Christmas.

Blessings to you, Nelly :)

Nelly said...

Thanks Tom - she is still quite poorly but we're hopeful.

Sandra said...

The poor wee thing. Hope she mends up soon.

Nelly said...

Well improved this morning. Not eating yet but dinking water. Bert has instructions to get her chicken if her appetite does not improve. He is head nurse all day as I'll be away from about now until after 9pm.