Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dos And Don'ts

Nellybert has been entrusted with the task of looking after (for one week only) the most precious dog in Ballymena.

Gracie’s owners are off to Mexico for a fortnight. I picked the whole lot of them up this afternoon and took them to Belfast to catch the bus to Dublin Airport.

D says,

I expect Zoë went over the dos and don’ts for Gracie’s stay?

Not really. I know not to feed her from the table. What’s the rule on beds?

No more than two consecutive nights.

Z chips in from the back seat,

She gets fed at 7.30pm. No treats unless she does a trick. Get her to play dead or something like that. Oh and she’s been doing this choking thing recently. She usually sorts it herself but if she can’t dislodge it just put your finger down her throat. If that doesn’t work grab her by the back legs and turn her upside down whilst patting her firmly on the back.

Righty oh. Any issues with comfy chairs?

Oh no. Comfy chairs are fine.

D interjects,

Unless you’re already eating there yourself. She’s not allowed to be on the sofa if you’re eating a sandwich. She knows that.

Z says,

If she should, God forbid, make a run towards the road you mustn’t run after her. I know it would be your first instinct but she’ll think it’s a game and run harder. What you must do is run in the opposite direction and shout “Ball!” She should run after you then.

Okey dokey.

And one other thing. She hates joggers. If you’re out for a walk be careful with joggers for she’ll go after them. And watch out for Willie Drennan. She hates him.
Willie Drennan


Mudflapgypsy said...

Is this trait a learned one or is it instinct? ( stifled guffaw ).

If it's instinct is it because he talks funny?

Nelly said...

It has to be instinct. For I reared my children to be tolerant of everyone no matter how they looked or spoke. They'd never sic their dogs on anyone.

Cybez said...


If I was a dognapper and successfully dognapped that gorgeous creature I reckon I could make enough money to go on holiday too ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ha -you truly have a pack of hounds now Mary.
It was so nice to see you all when I got back & I'll let you know when I'm home next.
Hope your all feeling better and the bird flu is subsiding.
Mel.x x

Anonymous said...

Hola and how is the mutt keeping. Missing her madly. But hey, in mexico, nice and warm. Arrived and slept all day, haven´t seen much of the place yet. Give Gracie a big hug from us.

Z & D

Nelly said...

Nice to see you too Mel. Looking forward to the next time. I'll have that cheesecake perfected by then.

Glad to report D&Z that Gracie has not been dognapped (so far) and is very well settled.