Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sibling Rivalry

Humph! It shows, it bloody shows. I live in a backwater - every day it's Cullybackey to Kells, Kells to Cullybackey - the only bit of life I ever see is the occasional shopping trip to Lidl's. And there is Ganching - centre of the universe, North London, John Lewis, a Mac v. PC debate going on in her blog, intellectual commenters coming out of her ears. It's so maddening. All I've got to show on my blog is cute Holly pictures.

But I liked David's comment. And in case you missed it -

There's a small corner of heaven reserved for mac-users. It looks a bit like an Ian Schrager boutique hotel and you get given a freshly laundered black polo neck every day.

I wish someone would give me a freshly laundered black polo every day. It'd surely be better than moulting cheap black cashmere over the office Mac.


Ganching said...

David's comment was my favourite too.

Scooterdeb said...

But... but I LOVE the Holly pictures!

I'll try harder re: intellectual commenters.

Nelly said...

I know, I know - I'm being silly. I'm just peeved I've never heard of Ian Schrager before.

Mr Bolan said...

North London, or indeed any part of London, is a quagmire of pseudo-intellectuals and grubby urchins. With busy people being busy at nothing and ignoring everything they see. Depressed and depressing, not anywhere near the centre of the universe. Fast for the sake of it, loose for the profit of it. And everyone is up far too early. Far be it for me to be an intellectual commenter either, but looking sideways at that London with jealousy is so far from being what you should feel.

I like the Holly pictures too.

Nelly said...

Really I'd hate to live in London. But my life is very drab and boring at the moment.

Bliss said...

Well, you know I'm always a fan of pix and the like. :)

And, if it makes you feel any better, I live in a backwater, and my little bro lives in ever-so-hip Seattle. :) Less to do here, but also easier to get away from the masses. ;)

Nelly said...

Poor Bliss. Having to be a lawyer and live in a backwater as well. Aren't USian backwaters the worst?

Anonymous said...

Ah but you write so beautifully Nelly - it's always a joy to read your blog.
Mel.x x