Monday, July 02, 2007

Fighting the Flab

God! I’m so depressed. Tonight I joined WeightWatchers. I’ve been thinking about it for ages now. It was every bit as grim as I’d feared. You know how you sort of hope it won’t be like FlabFighters in Little Britain? Well it was. Apart from the abuse.

The class leader was rigged out in an outfit that I’d have considered dressy for a wedding. She had more glamour in her coral tipped toes than I have in the whole of my body. She started off with a welcome then a scold. Apparently, as a class, we collectively lost a little more than a stone. Unfortunately our collective weight gain was over four stone. I’m sure that was me.

Rarely have I been so bored. I know I’m seriously overweight, I know I want to do something about it, but talking about it is just so tedious and dreary. And the thought of no drink, nor chocolate, nor home-baked goodies for even a week just makes me want to cry.

I cannot bear to admit to my weight just yet. Just this….the last time I was even close to the weight I am now I was nine months pregnant with Hannah.


Zoe Bowyer said...

Maybe you could leave the class early, if it is boring. Just go for the weigh in. I have seen that bint's photo in the local papers, she looks a sight! Good luck with the weight loss.

ganching said...

If you want to be inspired go to and click on the link to Dietgirl (one and the same person).

This is a really well written, funny and genuinely inspiring blog about losing weight - a very significant amount of weight - and not a coral painted toenail in sight.

Good luck.

grannymar said...

Snap! I am the weight I was the day before Elly was born.

As for the weight thingy remember:

Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside.

Mudflapgypsy said...

Cutting back a bit on the nice stuff and working out what is a healthy way to eat plus some exercise (dog walking, not advocating a gym) will work just as well as having some tart make you feel small. Diminishing self esteem leads to comfort eating.

I have an aunt who has, with an accomplice, been banned from every weight watchers in a 2o mile radius of her home. You see, her and a friend would go to one of these groups and consistently gain weight, much to the consternation of the Marjorie Dawes figure. The thing was, that after they would go to the meetings and do the exercise routines and the weigh in they would head to the chinese on their way home for a takeaway and stuff their faces........

Go for it Nelly, small steps and don't let Marjorie get the better of you.

Nelly said...

I'll take Zoe's advice and just goe for the weigh in.

I've been reading Shauny all morning. She's a great blogger.

Grannymar I was ginormous before Hannah was born.
If I could get to my nine months preggers with Zoe or Katy size I'd be skipping with joy.

MFG I love the sound of your Aunt and her friend. Those group leaders must get bonuses for customer weight loss or they wouldn't care. I wouldn't have minded the lecture so much if it wasn't so damn patronising.

hootchinhannah said...

Don't be hard on yourself mum. Remember the will power you applied to giving up smoking. If you can do that you can do anything. And remember that we all love you no matter what xxx mwah x

Nelly said...

Thanks all. I'm feeling much better now. Reading Shauny's account is very inspiring. If I were to lose all the weight she lost I'd be back to my pre-school size.

Cybez said...

I've met people who's weight problem was related to their thyroids and as soon as they were on the correct medication the weight dropped of them.
Anyone who can give up smoking can loose weight -no prob.
I keep meaning to change my lifestyle in order to loose some weight and I might soon.On the other hand I need some exercise, possibly Sumo wrestling.

Ronni said...

I'm trying, too, Nelly. Vanessa is getting married next year, and I'm bound and determined to have a waist, not just a dent in the flab.

We quit smoking. We can do this!

Anonymous said...

We have faith in you. Just eat a small amount of the home-baking. I have some interesting healthy treaty recipes that I have cut from mags. Would you like some for inspiration.

Love Katkins and Mark

Nelly said...

Yes please to recipes Katkins.

I had a good first day. Ate sensible amounts of plain food and lots of fruit.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the fitness/weight loss Mary. I, for reasons you know, am a complete cholocate/cake/sweet whore and I was feeling a bit cumbersome recently and that feeling just kinda overtook my desire for all things sweet. I haven't eatten any sweet stuff & have forgotten about it now. I think you reach a point where you get fed up with your weight & eating sweet things doesn't seem as important as feeling healthier/more nimble/lighter. Giving up smoking is an amazing feat and I know if you can do that you can do weight loss. A few of my friends joined weight watchers and 1 has lost over a stone so it definitely does work.
I know you can do it Mary!
I booked some flights home today - will be back mid September for long weekend & can't wait to come see you guys.
Miss you both, as always.
Lots of love,

Mel.xx x