Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Illegal Dog Alert

I was perturbed to receive a letter from Ballymena Borough Council on Friday informing me that my dog wasn't licenced, despite my having been notified that the licence was due, and that I had better produce this dog licence by 19th September, 2007 - or else.

Bert thought it was funny but I was raging. Actually he thought it was funny because I was raging. Because I hadn't received a reminder letter and anyway, which bloody dog was it? The letter didn't say. I knew it wasn't Bonnie for we've not had her for a year yet. Paddy? His licence was due in March. Surely it hadn't been overlooked for nearly six months. Mind you the tone of the letter was rather haranguing - so maybe Paddy was the illegal.

I looked up the dog licence file. It was Rosie. She'd been unlicenced since 30th August, 2007. Seven whole days. The shame of it. Never mind. She's legal now. I paid the fiver.


Nonny said...

I never heard of that in my life, getting into trouble over a dog licence, what would they do fine you a tener. It would cost more on paperwork. Madness.

Nelly said...

Apparently you can be fined 200 quid.
The annoying thing is that this small place has got hundreds of unlicenced, seriously illegal pitbull dogs bred for fighting.

If they'd put more effort into going after their owners...