Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's All About The Ears

Danny (pictured right) and Paddy (below) looked very similar. The main difference was the ears. Danny's stuck up and Paddy's flopped.

We only had Paddy for a few months when Danny died. For a good while afterwards I'd look at Paddy and think to myself that his ears looked really stupid.

Then the other evening I came across a picture of dear old Dan and I found myself saying to Bert,

Didn't Danny's ears look really stupid?


hootchinhannah said...

But do you remember one of Danny's ears swoll up and he had an op and ever since then one flopped down?

Nelly said...

Which is why I probably think pics of him with two sticky up ears are wierd. He had the one up, one down look for the longest time.

Matt said...

That is so sad, Nelly. Did Danny die young, then?

Nelly said...

Danny was in his 17th year when he died. So he'd had a long, fun-filled life. Paddy came to us a few months before Danny died so they overlapped a couple of months.