Monday, December 10, 2007

Hannah's Home

The Scene: A living room in Cullybackey. Three dogs and a man are lounging on sofas. The man is playing the clarinet (badly), the dogs are dozing.

Rosie: Sheesh! If he doesn't quit that oul caterwauling soon my ears are going to start bleeding.

Paddy: I like it. Spanish Eyes is a big favourite of mine. Which do you think's the best? The Al Martino version or the Elvis version?

Rosie: Anything other than the Bert version!

Bonnie: I wish Nelly would come home.

Rosie: Give over! You've got Nelly on the brain!

Paddy: Aye! You've got Nellyitis! Anyway if Nelly thought as much of you as you think of her she'd have taken you with her!

Rosie: I heared she was taking Gracie with her.

Bonnie: Shut up.

Paddy: Wheesht! I hear something. It's Nelly's car!

Rosie: Look at that big Bonnie slabber gazing lovingly out the window waiting for Nelly to come in and say, 'How's my big darling girl?'

Bonnie: Shut up.

Paddy: Shit! Rosie, look! It' it...It is! Hannah!!!

Rosie: Oh fuck! Shit! Ohmigod! It is. Hannah! I'm going to go mental. I'm going to run round in crazy circles jumping from one sofa to the next! Look at me! I'm doing it!

Paddy: She's baaaacck! It's Hannah! I'm so fucking excited. Woof! Woof!!! WOOOOFFF!

Bonnie: Who's Hannah?


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Hannah. ganching

Freshblade said...

Great! Hope it's all very jolly tonight at Nellybert's. Welcome home, Hannah.

Anonymous said...

ah so happy the wee things back, bonnie's got some catching up to do! send my love

mikey x

grannymar said...

Happy catching up time to all!

Alto Adige/Valdadige said...

Well hello Hootchinhannah and welcome home dearie. My my you've been gone this good long while now so ya hae. T'won't take long for you to settle back in at all at all and suren there's a grand wee girl. Be sure and stay dry now there's so much rain in oor wee part o the worl. The mair at fowk wi' peats gettin' droonded i thair fittins didnae hae thair sorras tae seek they wurnae the onie yins gettin' hit oan accoont o' the cauld wat wethir. Now away and put the tae on fer Nelly. Welcome home again.

Anonymous said...

I too am jumping in circles.

hootchinhannah said...

It's great to be home. Mels, I can jsut picture you in my head running around in circles xx