Monday, January 21, 2008

Oh The Excitement Of It!

I must be really, really bored for I have decided to put all my books into alphabetical order. It’s all to do with my visit Pearlie yesterday and finding her watching Sense and Sensibility on TV. It was the bit where Marianne gets caught mid-rapture in a shower and, as you’d expect, takes not one bit well. Many’s a drenching I’ve had in my time and never once needed a devilish handsome man in tight breeches to carry me home and put me to bed. But then I tend not to wear light muslin frocks when I go hill-walking in thunderstorms.

Pearlie thought this all thrilling stuff and asked if I’d a copy of the book in the house. Well – maybe I have. But I couldn’t put my hand on it. So hence the long overdue organisation of books. I wonder if alphabetical order is the answer. I’ve got Austen rubbing shoulders with Bagshawe and Dickens beside de Bernieres. Should de Bernieres be among the ‘Bs’ and how will I organise the non-fiction and reference? Shall I mix up the children’s books with the adult fiction? Bert suggests using the Dewey Decimal System.

I wonder how long it will take me. I’m only up to the ‘Ds’ so far and I still haven’t found Sense and Sensibility.


Anonymous said...

I never met a devilish handsome man in tight breeches anywhere!

What have I DONE WRONG!

Anonymous said...

brilliant nelly! mels and me used to do that as soon as we ever moved into a new flat! isn't it great that we're some of the dwindling few in this country who don't alphabetise their library by deciding if "Harry Potter and the Egg Cup of Fear" goes before or after "Harry Potter and Eighth Child's Book in a Row that Will be Read by Adults".

mikeyboy x x

Nelly said...

I've got as far as the 'G's now. Looking forward to seeing you in Feb.

Mudflapgypsy said...

Waaaaay too much time on your hands if you are alphabetising your books/records/CDs/cassettes etc etc.

That or a smidgen of OCD?

Nelly said...

A smidgen! A bucket load.

But it is good to be able to find the book you want.

CDs are another matter. Serendipity is the key.

Mudflapgypsy said...

Personally, even though they are all mixed up, I tend to know where the general location of a particular Cd/Book is. Well, what room and what part of the room.

Lazy with a pretty good memory works for me. So far.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha - Mikeys right. We always alphabetically sorted things - way before we npacked sensible things like food or anything of the lke.
I have used e-bay for pretty much the first time ever & am currently stalking a set of vintage tins that I really, really want, hence why I'm awake at this ungodly hour. They are very pretty though.....what is wrong with me! I have a terrible affliction. I also just bought (not from e-bay) a star shaped egg frying pan so all my future fried eggs will look and taste nice.

Nelly said...

Ebay can become very addictive. I've just bid on a black top to add to my collection of 12 or so very similar black tops.