Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Wee Goes Down

Last night's soiree was a bit hectic. Gatherings usually are when the Wee Manny is involved. He got lost at one point, just as I was thinking of heading to bed. Swisser was making a big fuss about it,

We have to find him! Something must have happened to him! He could have wandered on to the road!

No one, not even the Wee Manny's wife, paid Swisser a bit of mind. She can be a bit of a drama queen at times. But as it happens there was a drama which, fortunately, I missed having decided that bed definitely was the spot for me.

Swisser's insistance on a rescue party being sent to find the Wee eventually wore Ploppy down and he went out for a scout about. He was soon back in, saying calmly,

Might need a bit of asistance out here.

The Wee had fallen and gashed his head and was lying in the yard partially stunned. Help was needed to bring him in. I, of course, knew nothing about this. Swisser did first aid and it was decided that the injury didn't warrant an A&E visit. He wouldn't have been treated anyway - not with the drink on him.

Things could have been much worse though. If a car had driven on to the yard he'd probably have been run over and if the pigs had still been there and he'd fallen among them they'd likely have eaten him.

Drink can be a terrible curse.


Ronni said...

Hope he's OK!

I need to come to your parties. Here in Texas, things are decidedly more tame. Maybe I just need a different bunch of friends.

I skipped the party last night, as the Ghost of Jim tends to follow me about.

Bliss said...

Well, you've one-upped me - no one injured in my celebrations. :)

Best wishes for the new year!

Nelly said...

The Wee's head is just fine. Wish I could say the same for his liver.

Next year I'm going to spend New Year's Eve in church or something....

New Year Blessings to all you USians.