Sunday, April 13, 2008

Exodus 31:15

We've had a very productive Sunday. I got the greenhouse cleaned, Bert did a bit more work on the bathroom project (still got all his fingers) and made the kitchen chimney starling proof. Gracie's folks came out and a good part of the vegetable garden was dug, manured and rotivated. Credit to Z & D for doing most of the spade work.

I popped in to see Pearlie.

We're all in the garden today.

Are ye?

Aye. Z and D are there. They're working very hard in the vegetable garden.

Humph. Ye'll be lucky if anything grows for you.

What do you mean?

Planting on the Sabbath!

But we're not planting! Just getting the ground ready.

It says in the bible, 'Six days ye shall labour but ye must keep holy the Sabbath Day!'

Oh. Alright then. Do you want tea or anything?


Right. I'm off back to work. See you...

I suppose I should be relieved that she didn't add the bit about being put to death for toiling on the Lord's Day. And I wondered if Pearlie, her being so pious and all, mightn't have been answered better studying her bible rather than working at a puzzle book.


Grannymar said...

My mother would say 'The better the day, the better the deed!'

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish that Bert was here with his too and Mark is busy with other projects - mainly the alloment!