Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Queen of the Dreen

Fave Niece: She wants a whistle.

Nelly: A whistle!

Fave Niece: Aye. A whistle. She says youse don't always hear the bell. I'm to buy her a whistle.

Nelly: You'd better not!

Fave Niece: What will I say to her?

Nelly: You get her a whistle if you want but the first time I see or hear it I'll pitch it to the back of the fire!

I need an early night.


Anna in the USA said...

By all means, dear Nelly, avoid the whistle at all costs. Wouldn't want them to find on her post that she died of an aspirated whistle. :-)

Maybe a walkie-talkie or a baby intercomm if she hears OK. Then you would not have to run in to see what she wants every time, which is part of the game of ring the bell or blow the whistle.

Nelly said...

Personally I favour the approach of someone popping in to see her every 30 minutes or so. The Care Plan suggested by her social worker allows that she can be left on her own with paid carers coming in seven times a day. This is to facilitate Bert and I working. There is no cover during the night but TG she sleeps well and, so far, has not needed us during the night. If she did I would hear the bell or her call as I am a light sleeper.

Anna in the USA said...

Of course you are right. I keep forgetting that you have frequent carers (bless them) and you are not taking the brunt of the bell all day. Good that she sleeps well.

Grannymar said...

Tell the niece to say she tried but they were out of stock!

Nelly said...

And it probably wouldn't even be an untruth.

I'm going to go with Anna's suggestion that it would be a health & safety risk.

Fresh Blade said...

Mammy had (has) a whistle, which she used to summon us from the shore when we were busily falling into the sea and suchlike. I'd still run for home if I heard the whistle.