Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For Better For Worse

Worse: Constantly waking up the night before because I’d thought of something I was terrified of forgetting.

Worse: Having a werewolf’s hairdo.

Worse: When the Banjos were late and Katy said, “I don’t want to worry you but Banjo Man only got his test last week and the roads are really wet.”

Better: When the Banjos answered the phone and it was just that Banjo Man hadn’t seen the gigantic sign warning that the Tullygarley Bridge was closed.

Better: Bert looking like Daniel Craig.

Worse: The third taxi being a tiny bit late.

Better: Teasing the driver of the third taxi by telling him that Mrs The Wee Manny and I were heading in to tie the knot in a civil partnership.

Better: My two beautiful daughters and Bert waiting at Ardeevin.

Worse: Where’s Zoe?

Better: My three beautiful daughters and Bert all together….

Worse: The look on the Registrar’s face when Jazzer and the youngest Miss Banjo got a serious fit of the giggles during the legal bit.

Better: Actually feeling all solemn and happy during the legal bit.

Better: The beautiful tea, cake and yummy buns reception that Zoe and Dave hosted.

Worse: Bert, after changing into Levi jeans, looking like Jeremy Clarkson

Worse: Swisser having problems with the plumbing at Z & D’s.

Better: Dave’s advice to Swisser. The look on her face.

Worse: Francis Joseph Banjo’s incontinence. Bonnie’s sulks.

Better: Maya and Gracie’s contribution to the ambience.

Better: Great crack in the minibus on the way to the Londonderry Arms.

Better: The beautiful meal at the Londonderry Arms.

Better: The fire, the service, the speeches, the company, everything.

Worse: Thinking of the people who weren’t there.

Better: The Wee Manny being a perfect gentleman. Clint smiling more than I’ve ever seen.

Worse: The long journey home in that dreary old minibus.

Better: The fun we had when we got home. Billy’s shredded suit (don’t ask), more champagne.

Worse: Hearing Bert say to Banjo Man, “Hey Banjo Man! We can do wife-swapping now!”

Better: Having a husband with a sense of humour. He’ll need it!


Grannymar said...

I thought of you in all that rain.

I am pleased it all went welland there are more 'Betters' than 'Worsers'!

Happy times ahead!

Hagelrat said...

congratulations hun!!

Shauna said...

wooohoooooooooooooooo! congratulations :) :) :)

ganching said...

So have you changed your name?

Nelly said...

I'll be doing so by degrees.

Manuel Estimulo said...

Congratulations very much, Nelly. Did you miss any of the Olympics?

Janet said...

Congratulations are in order for the nellybert household!!!

Nelly said...

Ta very much for all those lovely messages.

Fresh Blade said...

That's what I get for not having time to keep up to date! Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Nellybert! All the joy in the world to you both.

Anna in the USA said...

Saying it one more time:

Congatulations! Best Wishes to you, Nellybert!