Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Mel & Co

I got a bit of a boost in my readership recently thanks to Father Tony et al. This gave me the kick up the arse I sorely needed to tidy up and revamp my blogroll. A few new links have been added, a few defunct ones removed.

It was definitely time to get Mel on there. After all Nellybert reared her from a chick. Her real parents would probably say we corrupted but we'd argue that, apart from hugs, we never laid a finger on the girl.

This post is classic. Who else but Mel could handle the dismissal of two hookers in riding gear with such panache. Bless.


evilganome said...

It's good to start the day with a roaring laugh! Thank you Nelly.

Anna in the USA said...

Hilarious! Is prostitution legal over there? One would just call the cops here unless they were accompanied by a pimp with a gun.

Hope Mel found a new flatmate.

Anonymous said...

You so DID corrupt her, but in the best possible way. Glad to see Mel writing a blog, she's alway been a funny one with words. The BBC posted a wee story i wrote on their site today (involving Mel of all people), but for some reason missed out all the punctuation...just what exactly do i pay my taxes for??!

Mikey x x x

d@\/ e said...

As a regular reader of your blog for the last 30 years I'd like to be kept updated daily on your 19 Chickens and how many eggs they lay each day ;-)

Brad said...

I'm one that found your blog via Father Tony. I'll have to thank him for pointing the way. I've enjoyed reading your posts very much.

Musings of Mel said...

Now we all know if Moms Alexander had anything to do with it I would be in a twinset & pearls, baking splendid cakes and playing the piano.
I hold Nellybert fully responsible for widening my view of the world and giving me a good prespective of things. I always say you guys are 2 of the cleverest people I know and it's true - there's nothing I like better than hanging out in the Nellybert residence listening to travel stories and learning about horticulture and history and music and all sorts.
And of course I am mighty happy you are the parent/minder of one of my bestest friends in the whole world, Hootchin Hannah.
Mikeys BBC story is funny - told in very good details even though it was years ago.