Monday, November 24, 2008

A Pig For Life Not Just For Sausages

Alfredo Le Ginger got added to my sidebar today. Happily Holly is slightly less in hate with him than previously. Now she just glares at him disdainfully rather than the full arched back, hair standing on end, snarly thing she had going.

The pigs have been removed from the sidebar as they are currently hanging up by their heels in Stevenson's. Bacon and sausages will be back on the menu soon. Bert loved those pigs but not too much. So we'd like to get a couple of sows and keep them for breeding. It would be good to get to know a pig for a little bit longer than a few months.


evilganome said...

Glad to hear Alfredo is settling in and Holly is putting up with this indignity.

I remember when the pig would make than trip from my uncles pigpen to the slaughterhouse. We loved them on the hoof and on the plate.

sageweb said...

Although my parents went to the auction each year and bought the cows and pig alive, I only got to see them when they where wrapped in butcher paper in the freezer. It never bothered me too much, but now I would probably have a hard time raising a pig or cow and then eating him later. I just am too much of a city girl.

Grannymar said...

All this talk of pigs brings back tales my father told about the killing of the pig and making puddings when he was a child!