Friday, November 14, 2008

Yahoo! Ignorant

It’s not just history that matters in Norn Iron. Geography matters too. Depending on your political stance you’ll either be Irish or British. You’ll be going to Londonderry if you’re a Prod, Derry if you’re a Catholic, Stroke City if you think that’s all a bit stupid. Prods reckon Ulster has got six counties, Nationalists know there are nine. And some roads in Norn Iron aren’t just roads – they are Traditional Routes.

Here’s my take. I’m Irish. And I’m British. I live in Northern Ireland, I’m an Ulster woman, I live in the UK. I go to Derry for Londonderry’s such a mouthful.

But stuff like this truly pisses me off. I do this survey and I get to the final hurdle and this is what I’m confronted with. I don’t live in any of these places. Where’s Norn Iron? Is it Lancashire & North West or Scotland?

Which region in the UK do you currently reside?

Please choose ONE answer from the options below

Please select an answer.

Southern Regions

London (Inner and greater London & neighbouring regions)

Wales, West, Westward


Lancashire & North West



Tyne Tees

Anglia Regions

Yahoo! You're ignorant and you suck. Name suits ye.


Grannymar said...

If we don't exist why do we pay rates?

Anonymous said...

Idiot customer marketing people - need their brains testing. Suggest moving your custom else where and let them now in the process.

Katkin world class marketeer

Tuesday Kid said...

It works the other way on myspace where you can't say you live in Ireland if you live in Belfast. Yeah, all these internet companies should find out the crack first before they start telling us where we do and don't live.

Nelly said...

Grannymar - eventually the day will come when we pay rates even when we're dead.

Katkin - luv ya

Tuesday Kid - you never stop thinking about crack. Is it as good as they say?

Susan said...

Grrr! This annoys me too! It has been known for me to either throw my teddy out of the cot when I come across these, or to write in complaint!

I am a great Apple Mac fangirl but one of the things that annoys me about their computer setup is the clock. It gives you loads of cities from around the world to choose from - the most "local" being Edinburgh, London, and Dublin . . . WHAT ABOUT BELFAST???

Belfast is a real capital city of a real country - why can't it be in there too?