Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nomar Omar


The other morning I asked Bert if he wanted porridge and he said,


I said,

"What you talking Bawlmer for?"

He said,

"I'm just slurring because I haven't woken up properly."

"The Wire" has tended to take over our life a little bit but tonight, that's it - it's all over. Nellybert has just watched the final episode of The Wire and it was, as it always was, totally excellent.

I have never, ever watched any film or television series that so brilliantly depicted as many memorable and fully-nuanced characters as were in "The Wire". Without doubt, Omar Little was one of the best. I'll miss him.

And in the end Reginald got to come up the basement steps. What an achievement that was.



Mudflapgypsy said...

"'s all in the game".

My fave character.

Nelly said...

And Barack Obama's - apparently...

ganching said...

Yous should put spoiler alert at the top of this post!! I am rewatching series one.

Nelly said...

The post's title only refers to the ending of the series. It's your comment needs the spoiler alert.

therese said...

we marathoned the wire over a few months last year, ended up buying the entire series on DVD. one of the best shows ever. we love omar, too.

therese said...

speaking of the wire, do you think snoop scares the crap out of herself? she's something else.

JimBob said...

Ah Jeez...I've just started on Season 5 and now I know how things work out for Bubs.

Thanks :-(

Nelly said...

Snoop has to be one of the scariest female characters ever. If I ever came across her I'd be terrified.

Sorry Jim Bob. But there's such a lot of stuff on the web about The Wire I had to train myself not to read about it when I was working through the series.

A few got through but there were still plenty of surprises left.