Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bring On The Flickr Foot Fetishists

Over the past few days I've gathered two new contacts for my Flickr photostream and they have something in common - an interest in feet/footwear. The first one favourited my picture of Bert snoozing in his big workboots. I checked him out to see if I could figure out what it was that appealed to him about that particular photograph. Was it Bert? The dogs? No - it was the big boots. All his favourites are pictures of men in heavy work boots. His entire photostream consists of big fuckoff work boots and the fit men wearing them. No harm in that. And Bert was dead chuffed to be included.

The second new contact preferred naked feet. No harm in that. But this contact likes naked feet with missing toes. He even likes pictures of newly severed toes. Mmmm. Takes all sorts.

Beowulf - do not click that link. You didn't like it the first time. You won't like it now.


evilganome said...

While I would not wish to dimish Bert's butch boots in any way, I think it was the juxtaposition of all of the elements in the photo, boots, dogs and sleeping Bert. Especially the dog curled up on Bert's middle that did it for me.

Nice boots though.

Anonymous said...

/me runs away

Nelly said...

The dog lying on Bert's tum is Scruff. He is my sister's dog and lives in Co. Kerry. When he visits, he struts into the house and immediately assumes the role of Head Dog. We love him for it.