Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Grey Man's Path

The Grey Man's Path, Fair Head, County Antrim
Photograph taken from 'Ireland: Historic and Picturesque' by Charles Johnston, 1902

A recent picture of the Grey Man's Path found at

I'll be trying this one out pretty soon. I hear it's hairy, scarey and not to be chanced near twilight. For that's the likeliest time you'll come across the Grey Man himself!


Grannymar said...

That is a new one to me. I will have to look out for it.

Brighid said...

Scared me you did, is it such a good idea to be tempting the spirits that be about?

Gerard said...

Well Nelly, did you ever get up on Fair Head for a look? I just posted a picture I took while up on the cliff a couple of weeks ago:


I took the wee man up with me, and he nearly blew away. Gets windy up there sometimes!

Nelly said...

It is many, many years since I was at Fair Head. All being well I'm going at the weekend to walk the path. I'll be well happed up and shod in stout boots. The last time I walked it I wearing sandals. The idiocy of youth!