Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Product Testing

...the Kingston 16GB Data Traveler is lightweight and small. This is good and bad, good that it’s so small you won’t notice carrying it but it’s easy to lose or send through the washer..

Peeps! Don't worry about sending your Kingston 16GB Data Traveler through a 40 degree jeans wash. I did, and my Kingston 16GB Data Traveler still works perfectly! All my saved audio books are intact! For my Kingston 16GB Data Traveler's next challenge I am planning to bake it in Nigella's Quadruple Chocolate Loaf Cake, for one hour at gas mark three.


evilganome said...

Let us know when you begin your experiments with your mobile!

Nelly said...

Haven't yet experimented on the mobile but today I carried that USB connector iPod thingy in my handbag as well as lunch and guess what? When I unpacked it the bit that plugs into the computer was clarried in cream cheese. So I scraped it out with a sharp knife, then blew it out with an aerosol, reckoned that it was only my work computer and my boss would never dream that his loyal secretary would introduce cream cheese to the office Apple and amazingly it was OK and all my files transferred beautifully. It was actually David Copperfield I was transferring to the iPod in case you were wondering.