Thursday, October 01, 2009

Poo Poo

My granddaughter Martha Amy is 12 days old today and it is nearly a week since I held her in my arms. She has two very adequate parents and a host of other admirers so I do have to take my turn with her. I called with her last Friday but her doting grandfather from England was over and he had to take precedence. I called again on Sunday bearing presents of food (any excuse) and I found Martha's father in an exhausted sleep and Martha just nodded off so I had to tiptoe and whisper a bit. Zoe said,

"You don't have to whisper. She's used to noise."

And I said,

"I know. But her father's not."

But today, when I called, I found Martha lively and full of beans and busy about a baby's business which meant I got to change her napkin. What a thrill! Zoe supervised and I have to say that her arrangements are much better organised than my own were. Martha roared like a bull stirk throughout the whole procedure but Zoe said that is what she usually does.

I changed a baby's napkin and it was, by far, the nicest thing I did all day. Even nicer than taking photographs of the Mayor of Ballymena which I also did today.


Anonymous said...

The dark days of nappy changing. remember them well. mick

Brighid said...

Grands are the most fun. They let me be me, and don't think anything of it.

Nelly said...

Mick - I'm sure your skills will be needed again. You don't get out of it that easy.
Brighid - I am looking forward to everything about having a grandchild.

sageweb said...

How adorable! I am assuming a nappy is a diaper? I like the name Nappy way better.

Anna said...

Nappy full of poo vs politician. No contest. Nappy wins hands down. Happy to see you are enjoying every detail of Martha Amy's infancy.