Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shifting The Dandies

The first 'dandy' peeks out of the wee shed.

The brother and one of the neighbours from home called round yesterday to remove my old car from the yard. While they were there they took a look at the calves. The neighbour, name of Paddy, remarked that they were the sort of calves that his grandfather, also called Paddy, and a man I remember with fondness, would have called 'dandies'.

Today Clint and Bert planned to move them to other, roomier quarters. The big bullocks went out to the wood and the dandies were going to the big byre. I always enjoy seeing cattle being moved because they get so excited. Poor things get bored being stuck in their winter quarters. So I went out to 'help' but really to look for photo opportunities.

I didn't get much chance because they soon gave us the slip. This is the pair of them cavorting through the midden. Clint is moving in on them with ominous intent. But this picture deserves a closer look.

There goes Meadow leaping in the air with joy and happiness in her little bovine heart. She soon gave us the slip again and I'm sure we were ten minutes or more rounding her up. There was no more chance of photographs and at the end of it poor Clint had to get his inhaler out. Obviously we're not near as fit as the dandies.


Grannymar said...

I was skipping like that this week at the bright dry days! It is wonderful to spend time outdoors with a touch of Spring in the air!

Nelly said...

Indeed. The recent weather would, as they say, put new heart into you.

Anna said...

Indeed, they are dandies. They bring back memories of, Penny, the only calf I ever raised. She loved to bolt out of the shed into the corral and buck about for a few minutes each day. She became a milk cow and we enjoyed her bounty for years. I love your farm with your cows, pigs, dogs and such. You are blessed, Nelly. Thanks for sharing.

Nelly said...

Oh delighted to share. All being well we intend to keep Meadow and Clover as long as they live.