Monday, May 17, 2010

The Things She Left Behind

I said to my sister and daughter today,

"I'd love to be bored. Maybe sigh a bit. Be idle."

Well - after I'd gone to work (six hours) I visited a hospital, had my tea in a traditional fish and chip shop in Randalstown, visited yet another hospital and did some beekeeping revision.

Then I found my idle moment and made this set on Flickr.


Father Tony said...

Amazing images.
I want the backstory.
I'm eating bananas and packing for my return to New York City after five months on the beach.
I feel as if I've missed something important when I look at those photos. Like the bees, I don't want to miss anything. Who made tea in that pot in 1987?

Nelly said...

Father T. you have the life of Riley.

I have provided the back story.