Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sometime in the 1930s

I love this photograph. It was loaned to me by brother Joe who got the loan of it from cousin Joe and I am going to make a few copies of it to share around the family. The little girl is my Aunt Mary, the same Mary who died recently. The boy is one of her many brothers. I'm not certain which one. Maybe Dessie or Cathal, both of whom emigrated to Australia, and are the only two of my father's ten siblings still living. The man in the background might be my grandfather but I'm not sure of that either.

I love the photograph because it is so informal, because the children are wearing their everyday clothes and because of the little calf. They were farm kids after all. I also love the fact that both children's faces are so familiar to me because they resemble so many other family members.


Anonymous said...

|really love it too! M B

Anonymous said...

I really love it too! M B

Anna said...

Old pictures are special. I treasure mine. I always wish someone had taken the time to write names on the back of those I can't identify.

Now everyone downloads their pics to the computer. In the future no-one will be amazed and nostalgic when they run across an old pic. Sad.

Nelly said...

I suppose that is sad but one thing I do love about the computer age is that it gives us a wonderful opportunity to share our old pictures.