Friday, August 20, 2010

A Big Worry

When I went out to feed the pigs this morning Rusty did not come for his food. He just stood there. He was obviously very, very ill. His sides were 'thumping', his skin and snout were clammy. He looked like he had pneumonia. Only the day before he had seemed well enough. I phoned the vet, got Bert up and we got him in the car and drove him to Clough. The vet did not give us much hope. She said he had a virulent strain of pneumonia and that he was unlikely to make it. Nevertheless she gave him two shots and advised us, if he survived, to give him further shots daily until he looked like he was over it. She also advised that Lily get shots for two days as she had been in close contact with him.

I was devastated. Considered not going to work then decided to go anyway. I work in the kind of office where you can go in an hour late, tear-stained and blotchy, all because of a sick pig.

The day progressed. I had regular updates from Bert and Ben.

11am - Rusty was warming up, had a hot water bottle, seemed a little better.
1pm - Rust ate an apple, well warmed and sitting up.
3pm - Ate strawberries, was playing! (according to Ben)

Meanwhile I phoned Dylan who had sold us the piglets. He was most concerned. Advised, among other things, that we feed him grapes. Kune kunes love grapes. I know! Sick people get grapes, why not sick pigs?

I got home just after 8pm. Rusty got his grapes and so did Lily. Lily got her shot. She screamed like she was being murdered. Rusty is still not out of the woods but, please God, he'll get better. I saw him settled down for the night, snuggled against Lily, and I'd love to go check on them right now but something tells me it will be better not to disturb their rest. I'll not be lying in bed too long tomorrow morning. Please get better pig.

POSTSCRIPT Rusty much, much better this morning.


ganching said...

Worry indeed.

Nelly said...

I think he's going to be fine.

Anna said...

My heart turned over. I didn't realize how much I was invested in those two darling pigs. Wishing Rusty a speedy recovery and many grapes.

Nelly said...

Rusty is doing very well. Still eating grapes!

Brighid said...

Ah the healing power of the grape! I do believe I'll go have a glass of wine to celebrate Rusty's doing better.